Content and design for mobile devices is an increasingly important part of business and organizational communications strategy.

Trends, services and user habits are evolving but some good practices are emerging.

Mobile content management and hosting on the goMobi™ platform offers a full feature set including device detection, mobile/desktop redirection, content transcoding, analytics, and social media integration.

goMobi Content ManagementGoMobi Hosting (add-on to web hosting services)
One time set up: $75
Annual Hosting: $140

.mobi Domain Service
$55 per year
Includes domain registration, account management and nameserver hosting.

Mobile Content Development (per quote)
Mobile friendly content design works on all phones, including smartphones and other connected devices like tablets.
GoMobi feature set includes 30 user interaction functions such as one-click calling, maps, social media/sharing, video, rss, coupons, booking request and more.

Five Reasons to use a .mobi domain

  1. .mobi is emerging as the de facto standard for mobile internet domains
  2. .mobi domains are white-listed by network level transcoders
  3. .mobi domains offer better search engine performance
  4. .mobi names are designed for mobile use
  5. .mobi is actively promoted and industry supported


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